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Learn Node Js Development Technicalities.

Node JS is designed to build scalable network applications. Its an open source, cross-platform, backend technology based on JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes a JavaScript outside a web browser. Node JS can be used for both backend and the frontend. 

Node JS is preferred when fast and scalable web development is required. Its simpler than JAVA and ideal for full stack developers. It offers faster and easier writing of code. It lets you store many libraries in one line because it has a node package manager. 

Node JS has recently become very popular amongst startups as their most preferred back-end technology. If speed is an important aspect of your application, then Node JS is a better choice compared to other frameworks like PHP.

Node.js API Integration

Node JS is fast, lightweight and scalable. It allows you to build fast, scalable API Proxy capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous requests with high throughput.

Node.js Server Side Development

Node JS is a JavaScript framework for writing server-side applications. It allows you to trigger small JavaScript programs from the command line without any browser involvement.

Node.js CMS Development

Node JS is a simple choice to create some innovative CMS for your business. It is free and open-source, saving you a lot of time and cost.

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When should Node JS be used?

Node JS is best suited for real-time collaborative drawing or editing applications like Google Docs. It’s used for traditional web sites and back-end API services, but was designed with real-time, push-based architectures in mind. However, it is not recommended for sites with heavy computation as it puts heavy load on the CPU for processing single requests.

Why choose us for Node JS Development

Full stack Dedicated developers

Our developers consider Node JS as one of the most efficient cross-platforms JavaScript environments that can help us build robust and effective REST APIs, mobile applications, and web applications. Being JavaScript experts, Node JS is our most commonly used platform as it uses JavaScript as its main language to build web applications.

Inhouse Frontend experts

If Node JS is your preferred back-end platform, our team will fulfill your full website requirements as we have experts in frontend technologies like Angular JS, React JS and Vue JS that combine well with Node JS. We have developed several full stack applications using these technologies that are affordable, fast and scalable. 

We use best Node JS practices

We follow the best practices for Node JS Development that include using lowercase, only Git the important bits, start every new project with npm init etc. Our developers constantly try to improve their Node JS performance by using Timeouts, profiling and monitoring the application and scale across multiple machines with a Load Balancer. 

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