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Laravel Development Technicalities.

Laravel is a web application framework with an elegant syntax and makes development less cumbersome by easing common tasks used in most websites. Its a powerful MVC PHP open source framework which is robust and easy to understand.  A website built on Laravel is more secure from web attacks, highly scalable because its code is structured and pragmatic. Laravel can also serve as a robust backend API for your Next.Js application, mobile application or any other frontend platform.  

Laravel offers in-built templates that are lightweight in nature. There are many ready-to-use plugins that can be easily integrated into a Laravel project.   These can also be customized as per the client’s requirements.

Laravel for Ecommerce

Laravel is an all-in-one powerful eCommerce platform that offers exclusive tools and features which can help businesses develop, design, operate, and manage an eCommerce website.

Laravel for SEO

A website based on Laravel PHP helps to generate SEO-friendly URLs easily. The structure of URLs has a great impact on any website's user experience, rankings, and link sharing.

Customized Laravel Themes

We are proficient in customizing Laravel Theme packages as per client's requirements.

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What can Laravel be used for:

The following kinds of portals can be easily built with Laravel as a backend technology:

  1. E-commerce 
  2. Multi-vendor, Multi-currency and Multi-lingual Marketplaces
  3. Online Ticket Booking (Air/Ship/Road transport) Portals
  4. B2B and B2C portals
  5. Travel and Holiday Booking Portals
  6. Real Estate Portals
  7. Portfolio websites
  8. Online Food Ordering/Restaurant booking platforms
  9. Medical portals with forums and discussions
  10. Service booking platform
  11. And many more…

Why Choose Us for your next Laravel Project

Dedicated Developers

We have a team of 7 developers who are dedicatedly working full-time on Laravel based projects. They are well versed with handling customizations and modifications in existing templates. Having 4+ years of experience in this technology, our Laravel team is capable of developing fully functional, modern and dynamic websites for your business!

Experts in Customization

Our team of Laravel Developers have several years of experience in developing heavily customized websites and applications for our clients. Whether we are using a template or not, we have good  expertise in customizing the code to suit the client’s requirements. Just give us a try!

Full stack Development with Laravel

Our in-house team comprises of frontend developers and Laravel experts. So whether you want to use Vue Js, Angular Js or React Js for the frontend side of the business with Laravel as the backend technology, we offer a one stop solution for all your needs! 

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