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Angular JS is a Java Script based frontend web framework for developing single page applications. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. It converts static HTML to dynamic HTML.

Angular is a Typescript based alternative to Angular JS used to create dynamic web applications. Angular JS is written on JavaScript and is also commonly known as Angular 1. Angular JS provides reusable components. Hence, developers can achieve more functionalities with short code. In Angular JS, views are pure html pages, and controllers written in JavaScript do the business processing. 

Angular JS is generally used when there is a need to design web apps for all kinds of environments, specially Dynamic Web Apps. The biggest advantage of Angular is that it helps the developers to write clean code and keep it easy to understand. Bugs can be easily found and dealt with in this language.

Now its possible to achieve the maximum speed on the Web today with Angular and also it puts you in control over scalability. 

Angular single-page app development

Angular ensures easy development as it eliminates the need for unnecessary code. It has a simple MVC architecture that is supported by Google.

Limitations with SEO

The problem with single page apps is that it has to be rendered on the client side. Hence, web crawlers are unable to access the complete content. This leads to poor SEO performance of the Angular apps.

Templates in Angular

A template is a form of HTML that tells Angular how to render the component. Views are arranged hierarchically, that can be modified to show and hide entire UI sections or pages as a unit. The template associated with a component defines that component's host view.

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What is Angular used for?

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It is used for developing single page applications.  

Angular is generally used for Dynamic Web apps where the content is displayed according to the user who is accessing the application and the client that is consuming. 

Over the years, it has become one of the most popular frameworks to create web and mobile apps that are modular as well as responsive.

Why Choose Us for your Angular Website

Dedicated MEAN Stack Developers

Our team comprises of Full stack Developers that have good working knowledge of Angular as the frontend technology combined with Node JS as the backend technology. We have also developed Angular based websites combined with other backend technologies like Laravel etc. 

Great ecosystem of third party components

The popularity of Angular has resulted in emergence of thousands of additional tools and components that can be used in Angular apps. Hence, you can get additional functionality and improve productivity. Our team is well trained with dealing with these third party tools so as to give your project a great professional look that is functional as well.

We make SEO friendly webpages in Angular

Single page applications often change their content and meta tags using JavaScript that makes it hard to access by web crawlers. Besides, deep links on a single page app are hard to get indexed. We use Angular Universal to overcome this disadvantage and make SEO optimized web apps. 

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