Online Store for T-shirts


CrossPrint T-shirts is basically engaged in raising funds for a Church and other charitable organisations. Each t-shirt sold on their online store raises $5 of profits for the funds. They also offer special event fundraising to the individual or a particular campaign. Their online store was built on Woocommerce and website was created in WordPress. There are weekly deals/discounts held on the online store that is an attempt to increase profits for funds. People interested in getting funds get a special code that is dynamically generated through the website. This code can be shared on social media. Whenever someone makes a purchase using that code, a certain % is donated to the project. The products can be shared on social networks like facebook, pinterest, twitter or can be emailed to other people.

  • Services Provided:
    • Ecommerce Development
    • Web Design
  • Technologies Used:
    • Wordpress
    • CSS
    • HTML5
    • Woocommerce
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